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Posted by C - July 17th, 2018

Holy Hell, I did not expect to see this in the mail today.


I made a thread a little while ago asking around if anyone had any spare Newgrounds stickers laying around that they'd be willing to part with, and well.. Apparently someone did. I can't say I quite expected @TomFulp to be the guy in question, but I'm not one to complain!


Just wanted to make this post to share a picture of my laptop (now repping its sexy new NG stickers), and also to throw a thanks your way. Totally above and beyond for sending me these and asking nothing of me. I know I've already said this to you in PM, but I truly do appreciate it. I'll most definitely be renewing my supporter subscription in the new year, and I'll be making an effort to actually be more active on NG in the coming years after my last 5 or 6 year hiatus *yikes*.


p.s, For any aspiring entrepreneurs out there who want adspace on my laptop, or just want to have my laptop have a sticker on it that points people to a gay porn site or something else? The skateslime.com domain has expired, and that thing is clagged to my laptop harder than shit to a blanket. So, if you want to buy that domain? You can pick it up for the low-low price of $2,495.00, because some scumbag domain squatters have scooped it up with the intent of squeezing a ridiculous premium out of it even though it was available for purchase earlier this year for about ten dollars.


Fuck you, HugeDomains.


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Haha that's great! I'm glad you got your stickers!!!

Tell me about it! I'm pretty damn pleased with them. I'll have to use them sparingly though. Don't want to run out of them any time soon!

I'm jealous lol

If you want to get your hands on a few, a couple of people in the thread I mentioned have some spare it seems. Maybe try asking some of them?

From 10 dollars to 2k? Rubbish

Tell me about it man, total bullshit. I checked it on GoDaddy in (I think?) January with the intent of registering it myself, and it was 0.99 for the first year, and then I think 9.00 or so for each consecutive year afterwards or something like that? Opted not to bother in the end, because I thought someone else might pick it up and do something funny with it. Went to check it earlier today, and boom, HugeDomains have registered it themselves at some point, and now they're demanding an absolutely insane premium for it.

Domain squatters and resellers are a nightmare. Big part of why I can't get a certain domain that I like for my own personal website.

It says here https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://c.newgrounds.com:80/ that you signed up in 2003 but now it says 1999

Had a few people ask me about that. I had my name changed to C from something else (somewhat) recently and had my reviews and all that jazz wiped out so I could have a fresh slate on this account. Prior to using this account though, I mainly used my other account that I created in either 2000 or 2001 if I remember right? Don't really login to it all that frequently now though.

Cool stickers, bro! NOW GIVE ME ALL OF THEM!!!!!

I'm practically going to ration these things. Keeping at least two of them available should I ever upgrade my laptop again.

@Thegamingtrickster @C Smart decision, bro! I SAID GIVE ME ALL OF THEM, AND I MEANT THAT!!! GIVE THEM TO ME! NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

@Thegamingtrickster @C Smart decision, bro! I SAID GIVE ME ALL OF THEM, AND I MEANT THAT!!! GIVE THEM TO ME! NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

I saw your thread awhile back. I am so glad this had a happy ending.

Thanks man!