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Finally Launched My (Experimental) Social Platform!

Posted by C - 1 month ago

Hey Newgrounds, @Ali and I have been working pretty tirelessly since October of 2016 on a website idea we had that is centred heavily around self expressionism, freedom of speech, and anonymity. We should have (and would have) had things ready a lot earlier if it wasn't for the fact that we've both been working ourselves to death at university while we were working on it on and off, but since I've finished, and he's had a break between going back, we decided it was time to finally get it done and out of the closed beta testing phases.

Several feature changes, and two entirely different UI layout's later, we're ready, but work isn't finished yet.

We plan on adding more features to improve the overall user experience in future, but the core site functionality is there, and it's formed the incredibly strong base we need to help it grow and flourish into a platform that fills the needs for everyone who wants to speak about what they care about freely in the very near future.

For those of you on here who know about this project, and those of you who I've spoken to on Newgrounds about it, I'd like to thank you for both your patience, and your incredible support that helped aid in keeping me motivated to keep the project going, and finally push through and get it to the point it is at today. I'd also like to thank @TomFulp and the rest of the guys who run Newgrounds, primarily because this was my first ever internet community, and if it wasn't for the great creative atmosphere that Newgrounds has provided for creators over the years, I honestly don't think I'd have been motivated to get into web design and get that initial creative kick-into-action in the first place.

Thanks very much for reading this news post, and if you'd like to check out what we've created, you can check us out at https://Outburst.it/ and read more about what we are and what we're trying to achieve by visiting our FAQ here: https://Outburst.it/faq


p.s: If you discovered us via Newgrounds, by all means feel free to let it be known! We've whitelisted Newgrounds.com URL's on Outburst, so you can share links your profile pages, share your flash animations, art, music, etc!